New York are you ready? The Escape Clue Room NYC has just arrived in town!

Don’t come alone, come with your friend for an unforgettable experience at the Room Escape USA. Fashioned after collaboration to exhibit the real personality trait between you and your friend in this ambiance. You cannot provide solutions to clues, riddles and puzzles on your own! Hence a need for a collaborative effort in solving the riddle in time. You can come with a friend, or even five as you like it. Trust us to ensure space for competition for groups with more than 8 people for quality time.

What crosses everyone’s thought when the room is shut and fastened? Break free! You and your fellow participants have 60 seconds to discover the hidden paths of the room to breakout. Give reasons why you were enclose. What transpired in the room before your arrival? Can you engage the hints and objects you can find in the room to escape or allow the puzzle remain unsolved till eternity? Are you sure your team mates possess the necessary elements to break out? The group with the best performance are certainly the ones that pay close attention to one another. Within the 60 minutes time frame, be rest assure that you will discover new things about your pals, and make new pals.


Our game is designed to accommodate all kinds of players.

Friends & Family

You think family timeouts are not tiring enough, allow us shut you in the same room with the family members that are closest to you!


Be assured of a home felt experience whenever you make a trip to richmond area and try one of our rooms.


How fierce are you at games? Bring it on! Check out one of out and find out if you are equip with the necessary skills to break out of our rooms


Still wondering who the real bosses are at work? Shut everyone in a room and find out who makes the first move

What might make you participate in an escape room challenge? Being enclosed is a room can be an annoying encounter, what triggers the fun part of it? What differentiate a bad escape room game for the fun one?

1) Teamwork

The template of our escape room enhances a natural impulse for participants to exchange Right from the mechanisms installed in the space, puzzle design to the placement of tools ensures compulsory interface, it is essential for our team player to act on impulse to conquer the challenges encountered.

2) Puzzles

Where is the thrill and excitement if there’s no obstacle in a fun game. Notwithstanding, riddles should requires collaborative efforts and keen intelligence to a reasonable extent.  Whatever your group requires will be given a given ambiance. Our escape game does not pay attention to props from outside and trivial knowledge is not needed. You wouldn’t want to provide a solution that will take as much time as acquiring a PhD.

3) Story and alignment

Story development is the first thing we create in an escape room not forgetting to ask if it would make sense in a cafe? Would you actually find this in a laboratory? Absence of a story, make it without objective. The story line will help fashion adequate reasoning into how the tools are used.

4) Tricks/Variety

Where is the fun in having only just a type of locking mechanism? In designing our escape games, we give credence to actualizing various methods to ensure important details of the participant are collected and process for the game.  Do not look forward to seeing a combination locks with four digits in our games.

Escape Clue Room NYC

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