How to Choose the Right Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun, challenging, and a great way for family, friends and co-workers to bond. However, not every escape room is for everyone and you don’t want to choose one that may prove to be too difficult or not have the right theme for your crowd.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right escape room so that you and your family will enjoy a wonderful adventure and come back for more.

Choose the Group

Everything starts with the people you take on your escape room adventure. Obviously, you want to choose those who look forward to sharing this type of adventure with you. Many escape rooms are designed for two to five people, which is perfect for friends and family. However, there are escape rooms that are designed for corporate events, graduation parties, and the like that can hold 20 or more.

So, be sure that the number of people you bring matches what is recommended. Keep in mind that if you bring the maximum number, the challenges might be solved quickly and it’s not much of an escape room. Conversely, too few and you might not get out at all.

Difficulty Level

The more experienced the people in your group, the more difficult the room should be to escape. If everyone is a first-timer, then you should choose an easy level if only to get familiar with the process itself. For groups with a mixture of experienced and first-timers, a medium or difficult level may be recommended. You may have to play that by ear, but consider your group dynamics as well.

Find a Theme

Some companies will have strong themes to their rooms, such as Halloween, motels, prisons, and so forth. When deciding on what escape room to choose, find a theme if available that works for most of you. Not every theme is for everyone, but a change of theme can be a good thing if you’ve been in a few secret labs and want to try a space station or hospital theme.

Additional Choices

During the booking process, you may be asked a few questions about how to spice up the escape room like what theme you want to choose. You may have other choices such as the following;

One or multiple rooms

Actors who play roles in the escape room

Other tasks to solve before exiting

You can choose a classic escape from one room or choose to go through different rooms. Plus, there may be actors who provide important clues to help you escape. You can also add other tasks that helps make the adventure more interesting. Additional tasks to solve is generally for those who have plenty of experience in escape rooms.

Also, try to book your escape room during the weekdays and well in advance. This means less hassle in getting to the room and parking nearby which makes it easier for your group to gather. The more you can plan, the better you can choose the right escape room for you and your group.

Things You Must See in NYC

If you live or are visiting New York City, there are so many things that you can see and experience. While many will take in the Broadway shows, visit Central Park, or engage in the many nighttime activities the Big Apple offers, there are certain things you must see in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge is still a mecca of activity as many thousands cross it between Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can walk across the promenade, which is a boardwalk that is elevated above the highway and take in the incredible views of the city. It takes about 40 minutes to cross and you’ll meet many different people. Just don’t take any offers to buy the bridge.

Central Park

Stunning Central Park offers a place of respite from the urban noise that dominates the city. You can take in the park from the southern section which provides an excellent impression of just what it offers. The good news is that the park is so large that you can find a quiet place to picnic or just relax and take in the surrounding natural beauty.

Empire State Building

If there is a symbol to New York City, it is the marvelous Empire State Building which represents the ultimate in Art Deco design for skyscrapers. While many take in the stunning view from the 86th floor deck, you will want to venture up to the 102nd floor observatory where you can see even more of this incredible city.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to the incredible Metropolitan Museum of Art that offers more than 2 million works complied from 5,000 years of human history. The museum is so large that it will take more than a day to see it all, so you may want to visit the museum multiple times on each visit or if you live in NYC, going once a month may work well until you see it all.

Statue of Liberty

This representation of the hope millions of immigrants felt when arriving in America at the beginning of the 20th century still stands proud and is quite the sight to see. Taking the ferry from Battery Park lets you enjoy this wonder much as the immigrants did over a century ago. You can also visit all of Ellis Island after taking in the statue to see the many different galleries, photographs, and artifacts from the era.

Times Square

The most recognizable and frenetic part of NYC, Times Square still impresses with its large crowds surrounded by tall building that provide an overload of lights, displays, and broadcasts. You can find a host of network shows, unusual entertainment, and perhaps a naked cowboy that will make your visit to the square unforgettable. Of course, New Year’s Eve is the time to go if you want to get the full experience.

Of course, there are many other things you must see in NYC, but this is a good starting point to provide you with a glimpse of what the Big Apple has to offer.

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