Situated only in NYC, The Escape Clue Room, being a little escape room allows an environment that helps the players not only to relate but also get involved in the whole process with a first hand experience of a character in a movie. It is our area of expertise to design stories and riddles that not only carry everyone along but it can also be related from a person’s point of view to ensure no one is left out and everyone experience a sense of belonging we have designed.

One of the many things that makes our escape room establishment different from others is the story line it has. More than once, a player is enclosed and has no choice but to solve riddles in the room, the needed ones guarantees escape. Our puzzle pieces have been created in a meaningful way to assist team players build the story as useful as they become along the way in a bid to break free before the set time.  Our game is created to help players realize that the key to escaping out the game design is genuine team work.



1) It is not about saying the same thing over and over again for everyone to hear about various discoveries which is norm for most teams and also a way of wasting precious time. A finding might be useless at first but later become of great importance. At times, it results to plenty noise, it helps to re-strategize and talk about your discoveries.

2) We don’t mind if you scatter our space after your search, most players are reluctant to. The design of our escape game gives room for player to destroy the puzzle by mistake as a result of the movement around the objects. Be rest assured, the objects were not put in a specific order to help figure out a puzzle in a particular process. We will figure out another process of restoring the order if it is essential. Team mate can’t figure out which way to go because proper search was not conducted to locate the essential elements in finding solution to the riddle.

3) No doubt, physical prowess are used when participant cannot move forward, physical ability is engaged in. These will not just destroy an item but also scatter the object needed in finding an answer to the riddle. Aggressiveness is not the answer!



Customized team building events!

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When would you need a custom escape experience?

Reach your Target Goals

Yes! Our escape room is created within the range of our storyline, we will assist in achieving a specifically tailored escape experience for you. Our games have been built to accommodate players ranging from a small group to a much larger one and it also helps to work as a team. Although escape room games are basically built for a small group of people, we have extended it to accommodate larger groups. There are more ways than one to ensure your game are really noticed by the audience and also enable a larger flow and increase in players.

High Immersion for the Players

Whether it is your product you want to display or a naturally engaging activity such as a TV show, be rest assured of the engaging experiences that will make participant engaged in a full mode with rapt attention to the world you have prepared for them to get involved in without feeling left out. We create encounter that helps participants to get involve in the story, gather adequate knowledge on the story and most importantly have fun in an exhilarating way and in more ways than one.

Appropriate Difficulty Level

We can adjust the levels of the game whether you are playing it ot not playing it. Most of our players are above 13 and we have made provision for all ages to have an unforgettable experience. You don’t need to feel left out if you are under 13, we have created tricks and mechanism that will give rooms for communication skills to be put into use and developed.