Best Italian Places in NYC

Nothing beats a great Italian restaurant, especially in the heart of one of America’s greatest cities. There are many Italian restaurants that have been around for over a century in NYC and each of them offers their own specialty, unique atmosphere, and wonderful selection of food that will surely have you coming back for more.

Here is a short list of the best Italian places in NYC. While by no means complete, it will give you a good place to start on your search for the perfect Italian restaurant.


More than any other Italian restaurant, this one makes the list because of one dish, the famous “JW Chicken”. While there are many other delicious dishes that include the seasonal pastas and even the wonderful salads, it is the chicken dish that is cooked in a wood-fired grill that really makes Barbuto a restaurant to visit at least once even if it does get crowded quite a bit.


The atmosphere is incredible, almost straight out of the mid-20th century. Still, it is the meals that make this restaurant stand out, including the mountainous veal Parmesan, the angel-hair pasta loaded with garlic and chile, and even the table-side Caesar. It’s somewhat pricey which is to be expected, but you can feed your entire mob all for a reasonable price.

Del Posto

This is Italian fine dining at its most fine. There are many excellent dishes served in the traditional way which are augmented by more modern selections. It is the emphasis on creating the best dishes that really separates Del Posto from much of the competition. The use of traditional flavors is enhanced by an emphasis to modernize the way that some dishes are presented which makes it more palatable for lovers of Italian cuisine.


Although many restaurants are judged by their menu selection, the emphasis on certain dishes, or even the atmosphere that is created, Marea has made the list because of the incredible pasta that is served every day. Although most of the dishes are focused more on seafood, they do serve a wonderful Creekstone sirloin that has been dry aged for 50 days. If you love pasta and seafood, particularly octopus that is red-wine-braised, then Marea is your Italian restaurant.

I Sodi

The prototypical neighborhood restaurant, what makes I Sodi stand out is its simple, straightforward service, minimal atmosphere, and delicious selection of pasta, salami, and other excellent choices that have customers coming back for more. The service is great, the drinks suit the meals to perfection, and the quality of the pasta, lasagna, and even the salads are perfect. If you are looking for that just-right Italian restaurant with no-fuss, I Sodi is the one for you.

Of the best Italian places in NYC, they all share the same attributes of having a great menu, incredible atmosphere, and wonderful staff to serve your needs. Whether you live in NYC or just visiting, it pays to check out as many Italian restaurants as possible so you can find the one that is meant for you.