Date Ideas in NYC

If there is any city that has too many great locations for taking your date, it is New York City. While there are the many Broadway shows and popular attractions like the observatory deck on the Empire State Building, there are other great locations that make for wonderful date ideas. The following provides several locations that are inexpensive, yet offer a place of wonder that will help make your date even more memorable.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Over a century old, this garden located in Kings County is next to Prospect Park and offers 50-acres of tropical flora inside the conservatory. No matter the time of year that you visit, you’ll find plenty of fascinating natural attractions inside the garden’s conservatory. Plus, it’s conveniently located with an admission price that easily fits into your budget.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar

If you are not sure what to do, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar has it all. From arcade games and mini-golf to karaoke at the several bars and clubs, you’ll find something enjoyable to do at the Bazaar. You can have a great dinner followed by drinks at the Brooklyn Star, see amazing concerts, or shop for artisanal wares if you so desire.

Gallow Green

While many rooftop bars in the Big Apple charge extraordinary prices for their drinks, Gallow Green is the exception. Located atop the McKittrick Hotel, you can enjoy moderately priced cocktails and other drinks while taking in the city itself. Open the year-round, you may have to suffer through the cold winter months, but it will be worth it to see the Christmas lights. However, it is the summertime that makes this location perfect for dating.

Jane’s Carousel

An oldie, but a goodie when it comes to taking dates to romantic and nostalgic places, Jane’s Carousel is in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Over a century old, this carousel is hand painted and still stunning after all these years. The sight of beautifully decorated horses going round and round brings out a childlike innocence that is perfect for your first date.

LIC Climbing Cliffs

If you are looking for something different and more athletic for your date, the Cliffs at LIC offer a fun challenge. This is an indoor rock climbing facility that is safe, yet offers plenty of challenges for those who love to climb stuff. You can take the introductory class together so that you can get a feel for what it is like and then start to scamper up the walls. The good news is that you are hooked up to ropes, so there is no falling which provides some comfort in case your date reaches the top first.

The Water Table

If you are looking for a unique place to eat, go no further than The Water Table. This is a rehabilitated Navy Yard patrol vessel that has been turned into a New England tavern. You can cruise up and down the East River while enjoying fine dining that includes corn chowder with apple-smoked ham or delicious lobster risotto. You can also enjoy several wonderful cocktails and gaze at the beauty of the city while sharing time together.