Escape Game? Escape Room? Do I need to be agile and strong? Is this dangerous/scary?

Be rest assured that climbing is not involved. You won’t be scared by a sudden pop out. Although, the sequence on its own are enough to get you scared, it is not in our place to make your heart fail. Also, our puzzles engages high mental capacity as opposed agility and physical prowess.

Is it essential to know Science/Maths/ and so on well to breakout of the room?

Unshaken teamwork and basic logic are all you need to solve all our puzzles around the room. Although is it an added advantage to know trivia to help shorten the required procedure, the game are created to employ team work and skills to solve new problems using logic and not all about making puzzles with archaic answers. It is not a disaster!

What happens when my team and I can’t figure the puzzle? Are we going to remain sitted and stuck for an hour without an escape route?

The game is created to have different levels of difficulty to enable very group set the level of difficulty as they want it. They groups are also provided with clues which they can decide not to take, in case they are in a particular situation for more that the stipulated time, they must be used wisely! Be rest assured your mind be engaged on the right path!

What happens when my team and I are late?

Regardless of the fact that we want to wait a bit for your team, it won’t be fair to the other teams if their allocated time is wasted as a result of the lateness of another team. As a result, we will do all we can to wait for your team and move on at a particular time, the 60 seconds clock will start and the late comers might join the fun afterwards.

Are there special packages for Birthday/Bachelotte/Bachelor Parties?

Looking forward to surprising someone or a customized visit? Just send us a mail! Although we do not give additional birthday props, be rest assured we can work on the room to accommodate any of your ideas to help achieve the unforgettable experience you crave. Be it Office team building, bachelorette/bachelor parties, school trips or birthday, participants are free to break free from the room for countless reasons but leave in view of taking the next phase of the story.

How many participant are allowed?

The game was created for 6 – 10 people. Although, we try not write off a smaller group because team work is essential in breaking free. Kindly forward a email in our inquire and contact tab if you need us to include a larger group.

Is it possible to book a private room for my team and I?

Yes! It is possible to book a private room for you and your team. All you have to do is to ensure a time slot has 10 tickets available and buy all or make purchase for chapter 3: Cafe Belim with a minimum of 6 team members. Ensure your bookings by clicking here.

Is this game suitable for kids?

Sure! At times, children unleash the creativity needed in solving a puzzle! Our games are not limited to players from age 7 and above as far as they are accompanied by enough adult player. Although, as the game progresses, the puzzles becomes as tasking as it gets. To this effect, we suggest team mates are within high school age, 13 and above. Most importantly, collaboration is essential in the escape game.

Can I just play an escape the room game on my phone or online?

Of course you can! You will however the left out in the fun and the ability to relate in all the collaborative effort, team work and all the other elements embedded in the real life experience just like watching a movie at home as opposed going to the cinema. Our game is spiced with a back story that allows a player to be brought to the world we have designed just like it is when seeing a movie. It is not for players to sit down but work together and move around in order to break out of the room.