Why Escape Rooms Make the Best Birthday Parties

If you are considering where to throw your next birthday party, whether it’s for you, your friends, or your kids, an escape room is something you’ll want to consider. While escape rooms may not be the first place that comes to mind when having a birthday party, it just might be the best place for your gathering. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider escape rooms as the place for your next party.


Located in the city, this makes it easy for everyone to gather for your birthday party. It also helps that the location offers plenty of parking, so you won’t have to worry about how far to walk. Plus, unlike many other establishments that are still entertaining other customers, hiring out an escape room means that there will be fewer other patrons at the location which helps in getting everyone together in the same place.

Low Cost

When you look over the cost of renting out a room at a restaurant or other establishment, you can quickly see that an escape room is a real bargain. There are good reasons why escape rooms are relatively inexpensive to throw a birthday party, but the bottom line is that you can save money while not skimping on theme or entertainment value when you choose escape rooms as the place for your get-together.

Choose the Theme

You can choose a theme that works best for you or those that you are planning the birthday party for in the escape room. The ability to choose a theme that works with the idea of escaping makes for a better, more memorable experience that everyone can enjoy. It also means that return trips to the escape room can be different thanks to the ability to choose from different themes.

Group Activity

A typical birthday party involves everyone gathering in one place and sitting there waiting for the event to begin, the candles to be blown out, and the cake to be served. Being in an escape room means that everyone can look forward in playing together in a shared activity. No one sits alone when everyone is needed to help in solving puzzles and clues to get out of a room which makes for an even more memorable event.

Creating Memories

One birthday party can seem just like another when they all happen in the same place or involve the same activities. An escape room is the perfect place to create wonderful memories from the different themes to having everyone work together in a group activity. Great memories are what we carry with us throughout our lives, so make your next birthday party one for the record books as you enjoy an escape room adventure.

In the end, escape rooms are an inexpensive, enjoyable place to have your next birthday party. For the young and the young at heart, escape rooms provide you the right setting and perfect entertainment that fits your budget and makes for an experience that no one will ever forget.

How to Choose the Right Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun, challenging, and a great way for family, friends and co-workers to bond. However, not every escape room is for everyone and you don’t want to choose one that may prove to be too difficult or not have the right theme for your crowd.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right escape room so that you and your family will enjoy a wonderful adventure and come back for more.

Choose the Group

Everything starts with the people you take on your escape room adventure. Obviously, you want to choose those who look forward to sharing this type of adventure with you. Many escape rooms are designed for two to five people, which is perfect for friends and family. However, there are escape rooms that are designed for corporate events, graduation parties, and the like that can hold 20 or more.

So, be sure that the number of people you bring matches what is recommended. Keep in mind that if you bring the maximum number, the challenges might be solved quickly and it’s not much of an escape room. Conversely, too few and you might not get out at all.

Difficulty Level

The more experienced the people in your group, the more difficult the room should be to escape. If everyone is a first-timer, then you should choose an easy level if only to get familiar with the process itself. For groups with a mixture of experienced and first-timers, a medium or difficult level may be recommended. You may have to play that by ear, but consider your group dynamics as well.

Find a Theme

Some companies will have strong themes to their rooms, such as Halloween, motels, prisons, and so forth. When deciding on what escape room to choose, find a theme if available that works for most of you. Not every theme is for everyone, but a change of theme can be a good thing if you’ve been in a few secret labs and want to try a space station or hospital theme.

Additional Choices

During the booking process, you may be asked a few questions about how to spice up the escape room like what theme you want to choose. You may have other choices such as the following;

One or multiple rooms

Actors who play roles in the escape room

Other tasks to solve before exiting

You can choose a classic escape from one room or choose to go through different rooms. Plus, there may be actors who provide important clues to help you escape. You can also add other tasks that helps make the adventure more interesting. Additional tasks to solve is generally for those who have plenty of experience in escape rooms.

Also, try to book your escape room during the weekdays and well in advance. This means less hassle in getting to the room and parking nearby which makes it easier for your group to gather. The more you can plan, the better you can choose the right escape room for you and your group.