Why Escape Rooms are Great for Company Team Building?

When you consider all the efforts made by companies and corporations to create better team effort, one of the best ways is to participate in escape rooms. An escape room is a challenge that brings together different people who must figure out clues, so they can proceed out of the room. The challenge itself may consist of one room up to several rooms depending on different factors. There are good reasons why management should consider escape rooms as a great way to build team effort and increase morale in their workforce.

Easy Set Up

Escape rooms are designed to handle small groups up to 20 or more depending on the services that are offered. You can schedule them to go through a few at a time or in larger groups, so your employees can really benefit from the experience. This means that you can run through groups from different departments or have everyone work together.


Arguably the best reason to use escape rooms as your corporate team building exercise is that it fosters critical communication skills. Your people must work together in solving the clues needed to get out of the room. Even if they fail to get out of the room, they are still working together and communicating to get things done. This is an important skill which will be used in the working environment every day.


Compared to formal retreats, escape rooms are far more economical means of team building. In addition to the lower fees, there is the convenience of escape rooms being in the city, easily accessible, and being able to get through it without having to take a full day off from work. This means less money you are spending and less money you are losing because of the increase in productivity.


Another vital skill that escape rooms provide is the ability to work directly together which creates a shared experience. By collaborating to get out of the room, your employees are having to work together closely which can easily translate to the daily working environment. This means that you may see an increase in productivity, better communication between employees, and the experience of being together in a shared experience boosts the collaborative effect.

Little Planning

Compare the amount of planning you must do for a typical corporate retreat where you must schedule activities, book rooms, and do many other things in the hope that it all works. With escape rooms, all you need to do is schedule the time and tell the staff what you want to accomplish, and they will do the rest. This means that you can leave the planning to the personnel who run the escape rooms to come up with an experience that will help bond your employees together.

With the relatively little personal time you are asking your employees to take off, escape rooms provide one of the most economical and efficient ways to team build in your company. Plus, you can schedule them annually or even more often to increase the benefits that are derived from this form of collaboration.